Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Weekly restoration work

Today Ray made further progress with the stone furniture. The horse is complete and the grain hopper is being constructed.

There is a snag here - the chamfer angle for the ends of the boards for an inverted pyramid is difficult to estimate. By trial and error we arrived at an angle of 36.5 degrees (the outer angle of the hopper being 60 degrees). I did manage to find a mathematical solution on the web (http://www.slyman.org ... PyramidAngleCalculator) which gives an answer of 35.3 degrees, but I guess we will go with what works.

Meanwhile, Bob and Richard were looking at the tentering for no 2 stones. This depends on a bracket fixed with a long bolt through the hurst frame, which is rather insubstantial at this point, due to woodworm and mortises from former use of the timbers. At present the tentering beam is supported by a car scissor jack. The bracket leans forward at a few degrees, but seems otherwise quite sound at the moment.
We decided to make a tapered washer out of 2 old iron wedges to compensate for the lean in the bracket, and keep an eye on the set-up for any deterioration.

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