Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Milling again

Today we were inundated by BBC reporters, well, two of them anyway. First a radio man with a fancy recording microphone, then a TV man with a very fancy Sony camera. They both spent a couple of hours with us, interviewing, recording and watching us mill our second batch of flour - the first time we have milled on our own. The TV report was supposed to go out on Tuesday evening on Look North, but it didn't. Someone told me it went out on Wednesday lunchtime, and it certainly went out on Wednesday evening. The radio report was due to go out on Wednesday morning, but as I can only get digital radio, and Radio Cumbria only does FM, I have no idea whether it did.

The milling was successful, however, and we ended up with a few more Kg of smooth flour even after we had given samples to the BBC men.

Later, we finished the work on the new dump valve system. As the video shows, it worked quite well at first, though we later had to remove some of the rubber seal around the dump valve, as water pressure drove it into the mechanism, causing it to jam.

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