Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Preparing to rebuild the launder

A useful session meeting Ian, a surveyor who works in the NT buildings department.  He is going to be our contact for building type jobs.  He said that what we were proposing to do with the launder was fine.

For the rest of the day, Ray and Richard did some work on the spillway end of the launder, and on the end of the part we rebuilt a couple of years ago.

Bob helped George to clean up old mortar and re-bed the top stones of the two intermediate piers.  We left them covered with plastic sheet (the old pond liner rides again!) so that, with any luck, the piers will dry out so they can be repointed next week.

The scaffold is expected to be installed this week, so we will be protected from the drop into the spillway pit - especially when it is wet or icy underfoot.

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