Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Sawing at last

 Richard started the day by releasing a few waterwheel tie-bar nuts that hadn't been done before.  However, the main news was that the saw table had finally arrived.  It was agreed that it was only to be used by volunteers who had been approved by Ray - Bob, Richard and Donald all demonstrated their ability not to sever any limbs!
 The saw was impressively professional looking, and was also a big, heavy object, even though on;ly the table and motor came as a pre-assembled unit.  Eventually it was manhandled up the mill stairs and the boxes were opened. Once we had digested the rather complicated and, in places, vague instructions, it gradually began to take shape...
 ...until finally it was standing on its own feet and ready to run.  There were two minor issues, both components that were unduly flimsy for such a heavyweight piece of machinery: the little wheels that allow it to be moved were held on by weak circlips which pinged off whenever strain came on the axle; and the plastic butterfly nut that locks the saw angle control snapped off its metal core on first use.
Other than that, a successful start.  We cut some of the wheel boards to their 54 degree angle and mounted them on the jig Ray had made for their assembly.

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