Tuesday, 23 August 2011

We grind exceeding slow...

The shoe with magnet assembly
Another Tuesday and some more "finishing off" jobs, preparing for milling. We completed the magnet assembly intended to remove bits of metal from the grain before milling. The magnets are on a bracket that is adjustable for height above the shoe, from about 8mm to 20mm. The piece of plywood they are attached to is simply removed from its slot for cleaning.

We also took all the stone furniture apart again so that we could vacuum clean inside, add a few finishing touches, and stain the bits that haven't already been done. Ray is going to make some triangular fillets to fit beside the uprights in the base of the tun to avoid dead spaces that could trap flour.

Ray measures up for the flour chute

We also started to make the parts for the flour chute - some more complicated angles to cut!

On the trip last weekend we tried asking other millers about the SPAB instruction to paint all wooden parts that contact the flour with shellac. This was met with mirth and incredulity - basically, flour would scour it off in no time. No-one seems to do it, and no-one can see what is the health hazard of clean wood.

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