Friday, 20 January 2012

The leaky wheel

Firstly, here are last week's missing pictures.

Outside view of the launder end box
The chain supporting the launder end box

When we tried to run the wheel last week, we found water was pouring through in several places. Unfortunately the oak bucket and lining boards rot from their edges, resulting in large gaps. They also rot around the fixing bolts, so we had to re-attach several boards - this always means cutting the old bolts out. We have cut up a sheet of plywood to make a number of 4 inch wide "plates" to patch the gaps in the lining, but we have become aware that we will need to virtually rebuild the wheel in the near future.
We just needed another job

The rotten bucket boards...
...and a plugged gap in the lining boards

We also lifted the No 2 runner stone and brushed and hoovered out all the grain and flour left from the last milling. We were then able to reassemble the tun, which will keep things clean.


  1. You might consider removing each lining board and cutting a longways groove in each, opposite one another and inserting a hoop-iron strip. The process is described by the Mills Section of SPAB, and I found the planks at Compagnes Drift like that and have re-done it like that. Tough about cutting the bolts, I had to replace 800!

    1. Thanks for that. Which mill are you? Do you have a blog or a website?
      Incidentally, is there any particular reason why you have disappeared from the list of members of our blog?

    2. Hello Bob, I spent 4 years of Saturdays (and the rest!) restoring 200 year old Compagnes Drift Mill in Bot River, South Africa. Fully functioning for the last 4 years now. but still work to do, a rotten spoke on the Pit Wheel. Some but not all of the 151 reports are on Send me an e-mail address to (first word is spelt back to front) :-) Andy (the bearded one on the left)