Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Grain store and trash strainer

Today saw several jobs being tackled.

Ray began building the grain store, as the wood and aluminium have now all been delivered. Here he can be seen constructing the solid wooden frame for the base - it needs to be capable of bearing up to 500kg of grain.

George continued pressure washing the cobbles, the ones nearer to the waterwheel being more difficult, as the plant roots are well established in the bedding layer. This is probably because they have not been cleaned for a long time..

Richard and Bob worked on mounting the stainless steel grid on a mild steel frame for the trash strainer, drilling and painting the steel bar sections that clamp it together. This will slot into the holder that was installed last week.

Later we all had another look at the end of the axletree. We are concerned that it would be risky to expose it to the strain of milling without making a proper repair. We are thinking of making a cylinder split into 4 segments all but at the end. This could be driven into the gaps around the cylindrical part of the gudgeon.

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  1. The idea was to make a thing a bit like a length of pipe with a flange on the end, inside diameter about the same as outside diameter of gudgeon and about as long. It would then have 4 wide slots cut in it to fit round the gudgeon wings.

    However, Martin watts has suggested using long, thin oak wedges, incrementally to keep the gudgeon centred. As this doesn't involve dismantling the bearing I feel rather in favour!