Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Good to be back

Well, I've been away on family business / holiday for the last 3 Tuesdays - sorry to have disappointed our regular readers. To make things worse, I forgot the camera today, so this is the grown-up version without pictures!

While I've been away the others have almost completed the grain bin, the trash strainer is in place on the sluice, and the slack bearing on the end of the axletree has been wedged and now runs silently.

Today more work on the lid of the grain bin - aluminium lined like the rest of it. We also cut a hole in the lid of one of our "Really Useful Boxes" so that it fitted round the flour chute, and made a small stand so the box in question would sit at the right height to collect flour.

Later, we dismantled the tun, lifted the runner stone by 6 inches or so, and had a good hoover round in preparation for milling flour again. Then we put it all back together.

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