Monday, 14 May 2012

National Mills weekend 2012

We were open and milling all day Saturday and Sunday for Mills Weekend. The weather was very favourable on Saturday, Sunday was gloomier but at least it didn't rain.

There were children's activities in the information room, including making decorative cup-cakes from playdough, K-nex and other construction toys and pizza making.  Chris had the cob oven nicely warmed up for cooking the pizzas.

Garden volunteer Janice's husband, a professional baker, had taken away some of our flour and baked some superb bread both for tasting and for people to buy.  Some of the (100% wholemeal) flour was mixed with Little Salkeld unbleached white flour, some was used on its own.  It was a roaring success, and sold out completely.
Meanwhile we kept the stones turning and bagged and boxed lots of flour.  The 500g bags were offered to visitors for a donation.  Overall I estimate almost a hundred of them went.  Since last Tuesday we have milled 150kg of wheat - not sure how much we wore on our clothes!

The tea room had made some pastry and cake with our flour, and that was also very succesful.

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