Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Apple Day and Beyond

Last Sunday was Apple Day at Acorn Bank - the event was a success.  The weather was better than it has often been recently, and the planning had allowed for wet fields.  The planners had moved the parking to a different field, and put the stallholders' tents along the path from the house to the mill. The public entrance was part way along, nearer the mill than the house, which brought us a lot of visitors.  We were milling and also, very successfully, selling our flour and loaves made from it by an artisan baker.  We were joined again by Stuart Hobbs from Heron Mill - thanks for all the help, Stuart.

Today (Tuesday) we carried on painting the brackets for the launder rebuild.  Ray started adding side cheeks to the layshaft pulley so we can use it for a modified sack hoist,though it will run rather fast.  Bob bagged some flour, including trying out some new sample bags.  The local engineering works sent the taper repair plates for the shelling stones in for us to mark the positions for the screw holes.  Richard marked them out, then Bob helped him drill pilot holes.

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