Tuesday, 9 October 2012

A brief catchup

Sorry to have missed a few weeks - a combination of holidays and a couple of mill visits which I'm still trying to catch up for the blog.

Recent jobs have included:
  • Making brackets out of mild steel strip for the future renovation of the launder.
  • Clearing the upper reaches of the headrace.
  • Raising the bank of the lowest part of the headrace so that it won't overflow and wash the path away.
  • Continuing to fill in the voids in the stonework in the mill building.
  • Converting a large box to make a storage cupboard for flour bagging equipment and an old radiogram cabinet to make a bookcase.
  • Keeping on making and bagging flour to try to keep up with demand.

Today we also starrted looking at photos and drawings of the kiln, trying to visualise how it fitted in the ruined space we now have.

We would really like to start stabilising the stonework with a view to rebuilding the structure.  The other idea is a to put a bridge through the kiln between the information room and the upper floor of the mill so that visitors can see the milling process from a different angle; it would also make access better for the disabled.  However we found that the information room floor is a whole foot (30cm for the younger reader) higher than the mill floor.  This will lead to some challenges in the design of the walkway.

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