Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Gypsum mine artefact

Richard and Ray decided to try to excavate a truck from the former gypsum mine.  It was lying quite well buried at the foot of a slope near the drift mine, and is lacking wheels and side panels, but the frame seems quite sturdy.  It took most of the day, but they seem to have got it out.  A working party will be needed to drag it up the slope.
Ray had made a pair of plywood reinforcements for the square hole in the lid of the Really Useful Box we collect the flour in - the lid had cracked in use.  Bob drilled and fitted the reinforcements (this required the points of the screws to be filed off).  It was agreed that nuts and bolts would not be suitable, as the nuts could fall off into the flour.

Mike was continuing to paint the walls with limewash.

Later, Mike and Bob bagged all the remaining flour, but more will be needed for the Bank Holiday weekend.

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