Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Improving power

Nic gets to grips with one of our headrace hoes
In order to mill while the river is at a rather lower level, we needed to improve the flow in the headrace and the efficiency of the wheel itself.

While Mike and George continued improving the state of the internal walls of the milling room, we had a visit from NT Business Support person, Nic Frampton.  She indicated she would like to help, so we set her to clearing the last section of the headrace.  In half an hour she shifted a lot of sludge.

Ray and Richard were working on fitting pieces of plastic pond liner inside the wheel buckets as a temporary repair, pending having the time and wood to repair it properly.  Unfortunately, we only had a limited amount left, so they had to prioritise the worst buckets.

Later Bob drove over to Little Salkeld to collect some more wheat and flour bags.

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