Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Bagging at last

Richard and Ray used the new jack support beam to lift the inner end of the main shaft so that the bearing could be cleaned and re-greased.  The first picture shows the bearing with the top cover and most of the grease removed.
The second shows Richard adjusting the position of the jack so that the shaft lifted exactly vertically - otherwise it tended to lean on the bearing shell and stop it being moved.

Once everything was in order, the bearing shell was removed. The wear is easily visible and eventually a new one may be needed.
Meanwhile Bob siliconed under the edge trims of the bagging bench worktop (which Ray had fitted earler) and continued to put sealant on the internal corners of the grain storage bin.

Once the sealant was dry Bob took the opportunity of trying on the protective clothing so he could sieve and bag the flour we milled on 10th July.  That gives us 12 bags we can sell at the weekend.

George spent the day cleaning up and re-pointing the damp walls in the public part of the mill room. he is later going to put waterproof sealant and limewash on them.

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