Tuesday, 27 November 2012

A couple more weeks' odd jobs

Richard cleans the burr stone
 Over the past 2 Tuesdays we have pottered ahead:

  • We finished cleaning the burr stones and tun, including dismantling, cleaning and re-lubricating the top bearing, before putting the whole thing back together.
  • We sorted some of the stones in the kiln room to try to identify the ones that made up the arch.
  • We began to dismantle the launder ready for rebuilding.  This started with the removal of the wooden railings and some of the bolts holding the side joining plates.
  • We designed the fixings for two pulleys to run the rope for the sack hoist under the hurst staging where it eventually wraps round the lay shaft.
  • We continued to work on the shelling stone stone nut.
  • We made a box to contain the sand counterweight that sits on the dump valve lever.
  • We had a long meeting with Sara and Trust archaeologist Jamie Lund to discuss the project to rebuild the kiln and improve visitor access.
  • We helped garden volunteer Jim to celebrate his birthday by eating the enormous chocolate cake his wife had provided.

Mike prepares the launder
...with George

Jim and his cake

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