Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Another busy Tuesday

Before we started, we had to have a picture of
all 3 of us with our Marsh Heritage Award

 We carried on fitting the first pulley for our revised sack hoist, first filing out the casting to fit the bolt we used as axle, then mounting it between the wooden supports.  We gave a lot of thought to the lift itself, as it would be useful to be able to hoist our "Really Useful" boxes as well a sacks.  A platform, with or without sides, attached by chains which would open the trapdoor, seemed to be favourite.  We also removed the stop mechanism actuator from the old sack hoist because it was in the way.  In the process we revealed quite a lot of woodworm activity in the roof truss - fortunately only in the outer few mm.

Richard carried on fitting the discs to the No 1 stone nut, and George and Mike cleared 8 barrowloads of rubble from the pit.  We fitted a bolt to the new "gate" across the front of the kiln.

Later we dismantled the tun and lifted the No 2 runner stone so we could hoover out all the grain and stuck flour.  We left the stone supported on blocks so we can lift it fully and check the bearing

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