Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Progress slow in the snow

The view from the mill in the heaviest snow
 Pretty, isn't it?  But a darned nuisance - apart from the difficulty of working in snow, we need to point the piers before we can begin building the launder, and we can't use the lime mortar below 5 degrees C.

Nonetheless, we did get some cleaning up done ready for the weekend opening of Acorn Bank this weekend, putting tools away and helping Sara to sweep the mill room.  We also managed to do some work on the piers, and repair the two tarpaulin covers we put up last week, just before it got very windy!
The launder having been removed, there was no fence between the public path and the space under and beyond the launder.  The visiting public needed to be protected from the hazards of these areas, especially alongside the steps.  Richard and I dismantled the rough crate that the lime mortar was delivered in, and reassembled the bits to make a crude but effective fence.

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