Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Solid progress with the launder

 I missed a week last week because of an achilles tendon injury, but back this week even if not fully mobile.  We had  a new starter, Peter, who spent the day helping me to prepare the bottom boards for the launder - putting the step in the edge of each one, cutting to length and drilling the 4 holes for the fixing screws.  This means there are now 44 of them, most of them ready for fitting in the launder, some with a few holes to drill.

Mike did a lot of (overdue) tidying in the wood store.

Richard and Ray did an extra day last week, as a result of which the launder side beams were fully in place complete with joining pieces.
This week they set about restoring the sluice end of the launder.  The uprights were dowelled to the ends of the side beams...

 ... before the second upright was rebated and screwed into place.  These two make the slot in which the vertical blade shutter runs.
Finally the blade and the hinged "gate valve" were re-installed.  The mechanical parts of the launder are therefore almost complete.

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