Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Good progress!

Ray and Richard examine the
finished flour chute
The flour chute is finished at last! Ray finally made the front covers, one of which is hinged for access to clean the inside. It will also allow the fall of flour to be seen - one of the issues with preparing the mill for milling is that all the interesting mechanical bits get covered up. We then sanded and cleaned the whole thing, sealed the inside joints with food grade silicon sealant, and applied some wood stain to the outside to prevent it looking too "new".

Richard carried on with making the parts for the damsel. This picture shows the top and bottom plates which will mount on the damsel shaft and carry the 4 bars making the eccentric to agitate the shoe.

The greenhouse window winder

Oak in the wrong place
After lunch we scrounged some nice mechanical bits from the window opening system in the old greenhouse, which has been demolished to make way for a fancy new one. The screw drive looks as if it would make a fine remote actuator for the gate valve, so the miller can control the water flow, and hence wheel speed, from within the mill.

Progress was held up a bit by the large oak branch that the gales had blown down on the path to the house.

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