Monday, 19 September 2011

Visit to New Abbey Mill, Dumfries

The New Abbey waterwheel

The stone floor

This year's Acorn Bank staff and volunteer outing took us to New Abbey Mill (also to Threave garden, a very interesting and pleasant place, but a garden blogger will have to write about that).

New Abbey Mill is a single wheeled watermill with 3 pairs of stones. Unfortunately, it is unable to work at present due to bearing problems with one of the stones. We were, therefore, only able to see it in action on the excellent 12 minute video. The guide was well informed and humorous - as a result Chris Braithwaite said that we ought to be funnier!

Among useful and interesting things we saw at New Abbey were: control of the wheel speed from the milling area by means of a diverter (our "dump valve"); the complete drying kiln; the Heath-Robinson sack hoist; the side cheeks under the launder to prevent water spilling sideways out of the wheel.

Thanks to Sara for organising the trip and providing us with tea and cakes at Threave.

A pretty, and wet, flower
at Threave

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