Tuesday 22 June 2010

Repairing the Sluice

13/04/2010 Sluice gate has collapsed under water pressure due to rot.

The new sluice gate

At first we inserted plywood boards to reduce water flow.
Removed side posts (grooved for sluice gate boards), which were cemented into channels cut in stonework. Make new boards and design and manufacture new sluice valve with steel blade and slides and screw control. Install new sluice mechanism. Replace rotting bridging boards with more stable arrangement.

01/06/2010 Make new weir handrail from scaffolding sections.

08/06/2010 Weir handrail fitted
- adjusting the sluice was previously a hazardous activity.
15/06/2010 Finishing fixing of weir handrail.

22/06/2010 Further work on weir handrail.

28/09/2010 Wheel control added.