Tuesday 24 January 2012

Not much to report...

...this week. Yesterday (Monday) Richard and Ray fixed all the temporary patches to the wheel lining, replaced the hopper onto the stone furniture, and tidied up.

Today, Richard and Bob went to the timber yard in Appleby to discuss the supply of oak and larch boards for the launder and wheel lining.

Friday 20 January 2012

The leaky wheel

Firstly, here are last week's missing pictures.

Outside view of the launder end box
The chain supporting the launder end box

When we tried to run the wheel last week, we found water was pouring through in several places. Unfortunately the oak bucket and lining boards rot from their edges, resulting in large gaps. They also rot around the fixing bolts, so we had to re-attach several boards - this always means cutting the old bolts out. We have cut up a sheet of plywood to make a number of 4 inch wide "plates" to patch the gaps in the lining, but we have become aware that we will need to virtually rebuild the wheel in the near future.
We just needed another job

The rotten bucket boards...
...and a plugged gap in the lining boards

We also lifted the No 2 runner stone and brushed and hoovered out all the grain and flour left from the last milling. We were then able to reassemble the tun, which will keep things clean.

Tuesday 10 January 2012

Finishing the launder end

Forgot the camera this week.

However, last week Ray and Richard had completed the side cheeks for the launder end, and removed one of the boards for modification, as it was catching on the wheel. This week we planed a bit off, replaced it and attached a chain to support the new launder extension. When we opened the sluice and ran the wheel we found that part of the launder end structure was rubbing on the mill-side wheel shroud; we either need to tighten the chain or remove yet another bit, possibly from the angle-iron frame this time.

The wheel has a lot of very leaky buckets and, in spite of our efforts to repair them, the water was pouring through in places. A wheel board refurbishment will become essential in the not-too-distant furure.

The headrace was full of quite large chunks of tree after the gales we have had lately - we certainly need a leat-clearing day, preferably with help from the gardeners and rangers.

We also had a meeting with Sara to agree a plan for getting local authority approval for milling.