Tuesday 17 March 2020

Mothballing the mill for the pandemic

We hoped it wouldn't come to it, but we have been told that all volunteering activity is suspended until further notice. A number of us had turned out for a meeting with the manager, so we spent a couple of hours cleaning out  the tun, hoovering the stones and putting it all back together in a hopefully rodent-proof state.

 Cleaning the stones                                                       and filling the groove

Because our stones are on a mezzanine floor, and the French burrs extend under the upper floor, we had to build the tun so that it separates around its middle - otherwise we could never lift it clear of the stones. We built it from tongue and groove boards and never thought to fill the remaining groove at the bottom of the top half. It proved an excellent hidey hole for mill moth.

So, while we had it apart, we took the opportunity to put some wood filler in in the groove.